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If you are after the ideal tattoo studio in Edinburgh, Boneyard Tattoo Studio is here. We have over 20 years of experience in doing stunning tattoo designs. Be it Japanese, Celtic or tribal designs, we can do it all.


We are Environmental Health Registered and use brand new needles and ink pots per customer, so that you can feel safe and be at ease when getting tattooed by our talented tattoo artists.

Stunning tattoo designs in Edinburgh

Tattoo aftercare advice for you!

Taking care of your tattoo once you get it done is very important. Following the right steps during the healing process is essential in keeping your tattoo looking the way you want it to. Boneyard Tattoo Studio always stresses the importance of tattoo aftercare for your benefit. For more information get in touch with our experts today!

  • Wide range of tattoo designs

  • Tattoo aftercare advice

  • Expert cover-up work

  • Stunning custom designs

  • Friendly and professional service

  • Sterilised equipment used

  • Safe, caring and understanding service

Call on 0131 467 7011 and discuss you tattoo designs with the tattoo experts in Edinburgh, Boneyard Tattoo Studio!

You can trust us for:

Stunning tattoo designs